Dreaming of …


I found this old painting circa 2009 that I painted, it’s a self portrait. Years ago I used art as a form of therapy, a way to uncover what was buried, heal, and make space for new opportunities.

I suppose I still do use art as a form of therapy. Currently it’s to observe the anticipated state of breaking down,death, and the processes in-between. I happen to find joy within the plant world, I like to observe her graceful fleeting decent and rebirth. That’s what my current work seems to be focused on, the unraveling.

Happy New Year-


I’ve been slow going with this blessed thistle study, here’s a photo for reference. I plucked this dying head towards the end of the growing season, knowing that I would be observing all her beautifulness, later in winter, observing all the potential of unwinding, and how death can present to us the process of letting go…

I hope you all are doing and creating in ways that feed your soul and bring forth growth.