I Take a lot of photos with my phone while I’m working. The images that you see are most times juxtapositions of many moments that I’ve captured in time.

I reconfigure these moments to transform what is known into what is hidden under the surface.

My background in sociology, criminal justice, herbal medicine and as a  professional gardener  have provided the palette for a great deal of the artwork which I produce. The questions which form when power structures are observed, and how plants are manipulated within the environment are what intrigues me to question the order of  subjects  the most. My process begins by recording the natural, controlled,  and marginalized plants,  fleeting through time as I experience them from a multidisciplinary  perspective. This is the inspiration for much of my artwork. Many of the paintings I have here  on display explore this relationship between vegetation and humans. My observations  bring a juxtaposition between botanical ornamentation,  plants, and invasive often overlooked medicinal and environmental urgencies that the plants still represent. Many of my plant images use symbolic interactionism to represent how the community assigns meaning and control  to plant life. 

I currently live on Mount Desert Island with my husband, daughter, chickens, and our cat named Cobey, and new puppy Eleanor Poppy.

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