Dreaming of …


I found this old painting circa 2009 that I painted, it’s a self portrait. Years ago I used art as a form of therapy, a way to uncover what was buried, heal, and make space for new opportunities.

I suppose I still do use art as a form of therapy. Currently it’s to observe the anticipated state of breaking down,death, and the processes in-between. I happen to find joy within the plant world, I like to observe her graceful fleeting decent and rebirth. That’s what my current work seems to be focused on, the unraveling.

I’ve been putting time in on this work.


This piece started off with an idea,and is taking on a form that’s being shaped through my daily activities. I recently moved to a beautiful spot in Maine with all sorts of tall peaks.


image The mountains here are breathtaking and I’m tromping through them in middle winter with ice,deep snow,wind,and views of eternity. I truly am in love with this land.